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What is recruitment and selection?

Knowing how to choose the right candidate for each job position is an invaluable asset for companies. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out an efficient recruitment and selection process; human resources departments are in charge of this task.

Below, we will explain what each of these two processes consists of, their differences and stages.


To begin with, let’s define the recruitment process and its importance. Recruitment is the process of searching, collecting and identifying people who have a high probability of being hired by a company for reclutamiento de personal a specific position.

In order to recruit personnel, it is essential to specify the desired profile, define the requirements and the applicant’s affinity with the company’s vision and mission.

How is recruitment carried out?

In this process there are two fundamental tasks, which support the good development of the recruitment:

The first one is defined before starting the recruitment process phase. This task must include a complete analysis of the company’s needs. In this, the vacant positions, the functions of each one and the role they play in the business organization are determined.

The second task consists in the publication of the company’s job offer. This stage of the process can be done through the different media or with the help of a headhunter.

Here the most important point is that the offer has the ideal form with clear requirements and an attractive proposal that expresses all the potential.

Another form of selection is the so-called external recruitment. This is done through the company’s own database, employment agencies and training institutes, among others.

Selection process

On the other hand, the selection process comprises the techniques used to select the most suitable candidate for the vacancy.

In this process, interviews and the subsequent evaluation of the candidates are implemented. This personnel selection will be complex or simple, depending on the needs of the company and the position to be filled.

Differences between recruitment and personnel selection

After clarifying each of the recruitment and personnel selection processes, we will move on to their differences.

Regarding the processes

Recruitment is done in a simple, concrete and individual manner. While in the personnel selection process it is done in a planned way, making it necessary to count on other dependencies of the company.

The time

The time required for each of these processes also makes the difference between them. In the personnel recruitment phase, time optimization is achieved thanks to the creation of different types of recruitment software.

In a good personnel selection, it is necessary to take the time to analyze the needs of the companies and to review each of the job profiles.

Recruitment procedure

The procedure for recruiting candidates during the recruitment process is simple, since the job profile is defined. In the recruitment during the selection of the appropriate personnel, it is necessary to establish and adapt the set of suitable techniques for the selection of the most competent candidate.

For any labor process developed in Colombia it is important to contemplate the laws established for the protection of workers’ rights.