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Asked about his ’emotional response’ to seeing the destruction, she referred to a previous statement in which the Prime Minister praised the ‘heroism’ of Ukrainians in the face of Russian aggression.

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Studying the deposits encrusted on the interior of the pot (pictured) under a microscope, the team identified the eggs of whipworm — a parasite unique to humans which lays eggs in the intestine that end up mixed in with the faeces of infected individuals.

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There were no such runs until Colorado’s game-winning burst in the second half, which featured four lead changes and four ties, the last one on Jones’ 3-pointer that drew Stanford even with 3:58 to go.

Colorado freshman guard K.J. Simpson, who averages 6.4 points, left the game with 6:43 to go in the first half. He was helped from the court after Mouhamed Gueye blocked his shot from behind and made contact, but no foul was called.

Simpson returned to the bench for the second half but did not re-enter the game.

‘When I first saw him, I thought, ‘This bloke can’t be serious, he’s a tennis player, not a basketball player’,’ Adup told the Sydney Morning Herald .

A Roman ceramic vessel found in Sicily has been found to contain a ‘crusty material’ harbouring 1,500-year-old intestinal parasite eggs, revealing it to be a chamber pot.